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Some important points to remember:

It's o.k. to buy a house that needs a little touch-up: Excellent buys are often made on homes that require a little paint and soap. Two identical homes can be priced $1000's apart when one needs about $200 of work.
Let me do the leg work for you: Working closely with me, I can pre-screen homes that meet your criteria, and save you endless hours of running around.
Help with the purchase: Your parents, family or friends can contribute to the purchase of your home by way of a "Gift Note." Ask me for details about this simple procedure that may put you into more of a home than you anticipated.
You will need a deposit on any offer that you want to submit: Each contract offer that you make on a home must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of cash or check.
Price your offer correctly: If you are serious about buying a particular home, it is important to price your offer correctly, you wouldn't want to lose the home to a better offer, if you were prepared to pay more.
Be accessible after you make an offer: Make sure that you are able to be reached after your offer has been submitted.  Multiple offers on the same property are quite common these days, and you need to be able to counter an offer in a timely fashion if you expect the property to still be available.
When is the contract is binding:  The contract is binding only after your offer has been submitted, and the seller has agreed to sell you the property.  Even if you make a full purchase price offer, it does not guarantee that the seller will sell.

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